A Public Statement On Sittingbourne Foodbank and Universal Credit

18th October 2018

Sittingbourne Foodbank & Universal Credit:

“Everyone who comes to Sittingbourne Foodbank is referred by a frontline professional, such as a health visitor or Citizens Advice worker, who assesses whether someone is in need. We know that the biggest reason for referral to our foodbank is issues with a benefit payment.

Our volunteers see first-hand the impact on people when there is either no money coming in at all from a benefit payment, or that payment is reduced: people living with physical or mental health conditions skipping meals for days at a time, young families facing eviction, and people in insecure work struggling to afford the bus fare to work. Universal Credit isn’t the only benefit people are having problems with, but it is a significant factor.

“No one in Sittingbourne should need a foodbank’s help. We’re a country that prides itself on making sure proper support is in place for each other whenever help is most needed, whether that’s through our health service or benefits system. What is clear to us from the frontline is that more must be done, and urgently, before Universal Credit can be seen as part of this tradition.”

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